Ballistic Gelatin

Ballistic Rubber Blocks

Clear ballistic gelatin products are ready to use upon arrival at your location, with two exceptions. All of our ballistic gelatin products are wrapped in high-strength cellophane and placed in sturdy cardboard packaging. You will receive a tie-down cord, one set of instructions for reuse, a statement letter, company policies, and a copy of your invoice in each order.


The ballistic gelatin is synthetic, clear as glass, completely reusable, and ready to use upon arrival. Our ballistic gelatin’s primary use is for testing ammunition. However, since our ballistic gelatin matches human tissue, many industries within the medical community are using our ballistic gelatin for a diverse array of uses. Our ballistic gelatin is a complete replacement for the traditional ballistic gelatin made from gelatin powder.

For performing terminal ballistic testing, our ballistic gelatin provides unmatched terminal ballistics data for all types of rifles, handguns, machine guns, muzzle loaders, air rifles and pistols, bows, and crossbows. We offer numerous sizes of our ballistic gelatin to accommodate every need. No matter the size or shape, it performs the same. We offer two different states of ballistic gelatin: finished and unfinished. All preformed sizes of our ballistic gelatin come in a finished state. The ballistic gelatin is nearly bubble-free and pre-calibrated to match human tissue in a finished state. All of our ballistic gelatin requires no mixing! Unfinished ballistic gelatin is not bubble-free and is not calibrated to human tissue density. Calibration of unfinished ballistic gelatin is achieved by removing all bubbles from those products.

The difference between NATO & FBI calibrated gelatin is density.

NATO gelatin is a 20% solution and FBI is 10% solution. NATO ballistic gelatin must be harder because they only use full metal jacket bullets, FMJ. All of our Clear Ballistic Gelatin blocks replace standard 240A ordnance gelatin.