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Why our Ballistic Rubber?

Cumberland Rubber Supply (CRS) produces the highest durability Ballistic Rubber parts on the market. We continue to gain customers who are tired of replacing blocks due to high rate of breakdown.

In fact, we have issued a challenge to our competition to compete in a side by side performance test. The competition is yet to accept our open challenge.

Outlasts Competition Guaranteed

Our ballistic line includes panels, sheets, blocks and other custom parts that are designed to furnish a safe live fire environment by controlling bullets on contact, stopping/ preventing ricochet, and self-healing after impact. Our innovative formula is why our parts outlast our competition.

CRS ballistic rubber provides strength, elasticity, and durability while our competitors part’s are quickly shredded and reduced to messy lead-filled piles. We are a premium manufacturer and supplier of superior quality and eco-friendly ballistic rubber parts designed for varied use in military, law enforcement, and private ranges.

Our products can easily sustain thousands of high-velocity rounds while preserving their structural integrity. Our products have been known to last at least double the lifetime of our competition. Additionally, CRS ballistic rubber contains a built-in fire resistant formula along with UV protection. As a result, this vulcanized rubber can do it all.

CRS maximizes lifespan wile reaching performance objectives:

  • Safe Live Fire Environment
  • Control & encapsulating rounds
  • Stopping ricochet & Self-Healing
  • Properties to reduce the risk of fire

We strive to meet or beat our competition. Send us an official apples to apples quote from our competitors, and we will beat it. Don’t settle for second rate when you can gain exponential value for the same or lower cost.

We are Experts in Ballistic Rubber

We are industry leaders with heat compression molded natural rubber, which cures and vulcanizes the rubber to our targeted consistency. We found that we can maximize a part’s durability to withstand thousands of rounds while being 100% accurate in texture and weight.

Our parts are soft enough to absorb the high-frequency impact and smooth textured enough to refract the low-frequency sound waves. This all done while self-healing upon the rounds impact. Density is critical, yielding 2 to 3 times longer durability than cold-pressed rubber parts of the same size.

High-density rubber parts are very different than cold-pressed rubber parts. The cold press parts are recycled crumb rubber that is bonded with a binder glue. This process makes them less dense and inconsistent, resulting in minimal longevity. These parts are easy to spot; they look like rubber chipboard.

Our product’s physical properties are tensile strength: 950-1150 psi, Ultimate elongation: 210-300%, 100% modulus: 350-400psi. coefficient of friction: 1.2-1.25 static. UV exposure, ATSM D 925-88(00) 72 has ten inches below 275W RS UV bulb: tensile strength 5.9 % change, elongation 6.7% change.

If ballistic control and safety is important, then we have the premium products you need.

Quality Matters